Providers' registration


Courses' accreditation

The Quality Assurance and Compliance (QAC) unit has dealt with 104 intention to accredit applications. 

Thirty seven applications were approved and the providers are now developing their course. 

Sixteen courses were accredited by the VQA Board this quarter:

Vanuatu Agriculture College

  1. Certificate I in Agriculture (Nursery)

  2. Certificate I in Forestry (Nursery)

  3. Certificate I in Aquaculture

  4. Certificate I in Livestock (Poultry Management)

  5. Certificate II in Livestock (Husbandry)

St Michel Technical School

  1. 1.     Certificate I in Joinery, Furniture and Cabinet Making (Furniture Making)
  2. 2.     Certificate I in Automotive Engineering (Small Engine Servicing)
  3. 3.     Certificate I in Hospitality (Food and Beverages)

Vanuatu Institute of Technology

  1. 1.     Certificate II in Building and Construction (General Construction)

Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  1. 1.     Certificate II in Finance (Accounting)
  2. 2.     Certificate III in Business (Micro business Operations)

Edwards Computer Foundation

  1. 1.     Certificate III in Computing (Hardware)
  2. 2.     Certificate III in Computing (Network)
  3. 3.     Certificate III in Computing (Support) 

VQA worked with Torgil RTC and VIT to develop:

  • Certificate I in Climate Change (Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction) a project from GIZ Vanuatu Climate Change

  • Certificate II in Plumbing (Water Sanitation and Hygiene - WASH) a project with VCAP.

VQA developed draft booklets for these two courses with the help of our Technical Adviser (Information and Marketing).



The office of the Quality Assurance and Compliance (QAC) Unit works with providers to ensure that they are registered with the VQA. Currently we have 27 providers who have been registered with VQA since 2014, which are:  

Name of Training Provider


Agape Rural Training Center (RTC)

North Pentecost

Australia Pacific Technical College (APTC)


Central School Second Chance Unit


Edwards Computer Foundation (ECF)


Fisher Young RTC

Vanualava, Torba

Listair Advent Training Institute

Lunganville, Santo

Londua Technical School

Nduidui, West Ambae

Lorakau RTC

Lenakel, Tanna

Lorovilko Rural and Ministry Training Center

East Santo

Lume Memorial RTC

Lenakel, Tanna

Matahi RTC

Malo, South Santo

Marven RTC


Narea RTC

North Maewo

Office of the Register of Cooperatives and Ni-Vanuatu Business


Onesua Presbyterian Technical College

North Efate

Pektel RTC

Lakatoro, Malekula

Pacific Vocational Training Center

Vila East, Port-Vila

Port-Vila International Bible School


St Michel Technical School

Luganville, Santo

Torgil RTC

Lolowai, East Ambae

Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI)


Vanuatu College of Nursing Education


Vanuatu Institute of Technology


Vanuatu Agriculture College


Vanuatu Institute of Teacher Education


Vanuatu Maritime College


Vanuatu Police College