Eleven accredited courses approved

Eleven (11) accredited courses approved by the VQA board in may 2017

Photo - Functional analysis for VPC courses - Diploma of Policing, Vanuatu Police College, Port-Vila, May 2017

 The Validation Committee, together with the Quality Assurance Committee undertook procedures to analyze courses before submission before the VQA the VQA Board for approval. 

 In May 2017, the VQA Board approved 11 accredited courses which are the following:

  •  Certificate I in Climate Change (Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction) VIT
  • Certificate I in Tourism (Customer Service) VIT  
  • Certificate II in Tourism (Customer Service) VIT
  • Certificate II in Tourism (Tour Operations) VIT   
  • Certificate I in Mechanical Engineering (Metal Production) VIT  
  • Certificate II in Mechanical Engineering (Metal Production) VIT
  • Certificate II in Agriculture (Crop Establishment) VAC
  • Certificate II in Forestry (Forest Operations) VAC  
  • Certificate I in Automotive Engineering (Servicing) Torgil
  • Certificate II in Plumbing (Water Sanitation and Hygiene) Torgil
  • Graduate Diploma of Midwifery VCNE

Vanuatu has not only the need to recruit more qualified persons in these areas (health, engineering, computing, advanced production, etc.), but also to be up-to-date with the unstoppable evolution of new technologies.