VQR Workshop

Vanuatu Qualifications Registry (VQR) workshop for VIT administration staff



Vanuatu Qualifications Authority ran a workshop for VIT Staff administration on how to use the Vanuatu Qualifications Registry (VQR) to register and enroll students.



With the role of the VQA Executive as specifies under the new Vanuatu Post – School Education and Training Policy to “establish a national PSET information system and provide an annual PSET statistical digest, including statistical analysis to submission to the Government and publication for general distribution”, the Vanuatu Qualifications Authority has developed a Management Information system that registered providers are using to register, enroll students and to submit students marked assessments.



All Post-School Education and Training (PSET) providers are required to use the system to register and enrol students and to submit all marked assessments to VQA. This is a requirement to ensure quality in the delivery and assessment of nationally accredited courses.



The VQR system has two types of users:


1. Providers


The Provider access is assigned to each PSET providers nominated staffs, and their role is registering and enrolling students.


2. Assessors



The Assessor access is assigned to trainers/assessors of each registered PSET provider to upload student marked assessment.



The VQA Information and Technology Officer ran a one-week workshop on the Provider User access with 5 Administration Staffs of the Vanuatu Institute of Technology. This is the sixth visit to registered PSET Providers. Next week 65 trainers/assessors of VIT will have their first workshop on the Assessor user access.



A major issue of this week’s workshop is the inconsistency of student names provided in student applications and Certificates and other personal details such as contact and address. The system requires that all students should use their names as stated in their Birth Certificates and for students to provide their birth Certificate as the key document to verify their names.



A considerable number of student applications are placed on Hold until students return to semester two and provide their birth Certificates.



It has been noted by VIT Staffs that most students are not serious with their personal details, or their application forms. VQA is advising students to provide their correct details in their school application forms with the documents that verifies these details..



For more information about the VQR system, please visit www.vqr.edu.vu.



The Chief Executive Officer of the Vanuatu Qualifications Authority explained that it is very important that registered providers that delivering accredited courses use the Vanuatu Qualifications Register. With the providers’ and students’ information and students’ internally moderated marked assessments, the system will automatically generate certificates for students.



The system will generate reports on PSET enrolment, graduates etc. for use in decision making purposes.



The CEO further explained that since the Vanuatu Government through OGCIO promote the use of ICT through its Universal Access Policy, why not we make use of it to build our Human Resources and to collect information to enhance decision making.



Those registered providers that have a students’ information management system must ensure that it is linked with the VQR database so that information required for VQA to issue certificates are uploaded into the VQR Database on www.vqr.edu.vu


On the 7th September 2017, while the National Competency Standards Workshop was happening at one of the Vanuatu Police College’s conference room, the current Vanuatu Police Commissioner, Albert Nalpini, gave out certificates of achievement to the graduates of 2016 in Diploma of Policing.


The Vanuatu Qualifications Authority is not only regulating post-school and education providers and accreditating their courses, but also delivered their certificates.