Recently, the Vanuatu Qualifications Authority (VQA) introduced new procedures and application forms for Provider Registration, Course accreditation, and Approval to Deliver an accredited course. According to the VQA Act, all Post-School Education and Training (PSET) providers offering courses in Vanuatu must be registered with the VQA. Registered providers must meet minimum standards for the quality of education and training they deliver.

During the months of April to June, the VQA, with support from the Tertiary Education Directorate (TED) and Vanuatu Skills Partnership, organised a series of workshops for PSET providers in Port Vila, Luganville and Isangel to familiarise them with the new processes and to assist them with making an application.

Three-day workshops were held for the currently non-registered providers to help them start the process of becoming registered. During the workshop all participants were informed about the processes providers must follow and standards they must meet to be registered with the VQA, and to apply for delivery of an accredited course.

Only Registered PSET Providers are allowed to deliver accredited courses and qualifications. Accredited courses have been developed specifically to meet the needs of the industry, the labour market and the community. They are also meeting national and international quality standards. Having an accredited qualification also gives a person a stepping stone to further training and study at higher levels.

The VQA also held two-day workshops for Registered Providers, to inform them of the new processes for course accreditation and for approval to deliver an accredited course. Twenty-six providers participated in these workshops.

Providers were also advised of the 38 courses that are already available on the Register of Accredited Courses and how they could apply to deliver these courses. Then they were given the opportunity to work on an application while being assisted by VQA, TED and Vanuatu Skills Partnership staff. It is anticipated that several more accredited courses will be delivered by registered providers in the coming year.

All providers are congratulated for making the workshops a success, as everyone made big steps forward towards delivering quality assured post-school education and training for the people in Vanuatu.

 Tanna Workshop with providers