The Vanuatu Government recognises that skills development is one of the key engines to the development of the economic growth and sustainable development. Currently, there is a mismatch between the current education and training system, and the education and skills required in the Vanuatu labour market.

The Prime Minister’s Office through the Department of Strategic Policy, Planning and Aid Coordination (DSSPAC) is coordinating the development of the National Human Resource Development Plan (NHRDP) in collaboration with the Australian Government funded Vanuatu Skills Partnership and Governance for Growth programs.

The NHRDP will guide future investment in education and skills training to ensure Vanuatu’s human resources are available to deliver the National Sustainable Development Plan (2016-2030) objectives.

The Competency Standards Development Unit (CSDU) of the Vanuatu Qualifications Authority (VQA) assisted DSPPAC to conduct an Industry Survey.

The survey, which is intended to provide baseline data for the NHRDP, was administered, under VQA staff supervision, by 12 USP students during the past two weeks (14th May 2018 – 25th May 2018).

The objective of this survey is to provide a snapshot of the current Vanuatu labour market from upon which the NHRDP can be based.

On Friday 25th May 2018, the 12 students with the CSDU team, handed over completed survey forms filled out by heads of more than 200 companies covering industries in Agriculture, Telecommunications, Construction, Business, Forestry, Finance, Food & Hospitality, Health, etc.

DSPPAC Project Officer, Mr Scott Tavi expressed the gratitude of the Government to all the companies that completed the survey in recognition of the importance of this initiative to an improved match between industry skills demand and skills supply from the Vanuatu education and training system.

Mr Tavi also thanked the students for their help and assured them that there will be a page in the NHRDP book reserved for the acknowledgement. He also thanked the CSDU team for taking up their leadership role in coordinating these students on the survey program during these two weeks. The CEO of the VQA, Mr David Lambukly, also acknowledged their efforts.

The students were given each a Certificate of Appreciation from the PM’s Office as a reference to help them as part of their CV especially when applying for a job.

Industry survey - group photo wit USP students and VQA officers