Course Accreditation

The Vanuatu Qualifications Authority Act no. 1 of 2014, Part 5 section 35 (1), requires Registered Training Providers to apply to the VQA for accreditation of a course.

This forms the basis of course accreditation which allows VQA, as part of the Vanuatu Quality Assurance Framework (VQAF) to develop the Vanuatu Qualifications Framework (VQF ).

The VQF sets out the policy framework that defines all qualifications recognised nationally in post-school education and training (PSET) within Vanuatu.

It lists the title and educational level of each PSET qualification, and the requirements for the issuing of qualifications and Statements of Attainment.

The VNQF provides the guidance for training providers to follow when developing and accrediting new courses.

Accredited courses address skill requirements for industry, enterprises and the community where these are not covered in nationally endorsed Training Packages. They also have the capacity to address changes in skill needs, and the needs of emerging and converging industries and industry sectors, in a responsive manner. A collaborative approach between the Industry Skills Council, which is concerned with the development and endorsement of national Training Packages, and VQA provides an effective and timely response to the changing needs of industry.

Accreditation means the formal recognition of a course by VQA in accordance with the current VQTF 2010 Standards for Accredited Courses.