Accreditation ToolKit

Welcome to the Accreditation Toolkit

The Vanuatu Qualifications Authority Act no. 1 of 2014, Part 5 section 35 (1), requires registered training providers to apply to the VQA for accreditation of a course.

The Accreditation Toolkit provides a range of resources to assist develop new qualifications under the Vanuatu Qualifications Framework and submit to the VQA for accreditation and listing on the National Qualifications Register.

The resources in the toolkit have been developed in collaboration with VQA staff and representatives from training providers throughout Vanuatu.

Each resource has been designed for a particular stage in the accreditation process. There are three stages:

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  1. Intention to accredit
  2. Accreditation (including course development)
  3. Validation

The resources are available for you to download and use as required. These resources are provided free of charge and do not replace official Vanuatu Qualifications Authority accreditation forms.

The use of these resources is not mandatory.

The format of each resource differs depending on its purpose. You can alter the resources to suit your training provider’s particular needs and requirements.

Some of the resources are in template format where you need to add information and details that are relevant to your proposed course. Some of the resources are sample documents that you can use to plan activities. And some are information documents to help you throughout the accreditation process.

The Vanuatu Qualifications Authority would like to encourage you to take advantage of these resources and make use of them.

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If you would like to provide feedback on the toolkit resources or suggest ideas for additional resources please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.