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JFCFM10116 Certificate I in Joinery, Furniture and Cabinet Making (Furniture Making )

The Certificate 1 in Joinery, Furniture and Cabinet Making (Furniture Making) is developed to improve on current trainings with very little focus on Joinery training in Luganville and SANMA province. SANMA province has the potential resources through its forest products but there is very little focus on the human resources development for the Joinery sector. The need of the course was verified through a literature review on existing educational documents including the SANMA Provincial Skills Plan and a snap shot community and industry consultation to confirm the need for this course. The qualification is aimed to help student for community life so graduates may utilize the skills and knowledge and develop some form of productive community livelihood activities using forest products in their communities and provinces. The course will also be offered by TVET institutions if needed and will be offered to communities as short courses to improve knowledge and skills that are currently practiced within the joinery sector particularly in the area of furniture making.
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