Industry Skills Council

Section 15 of the Vanuatu Qualifications Authority Act No. 1 of 2014 states that “the Authority may establish an Industry Skills Council to advise the Authority in relation to particular industries,” and the members are key industry contacts for the VQA. They provide independent industry advice on the training and skill needs of industry that will facilitate workforce development.

The advice provided by the Industry Skills Council (ISC) assists the VQA to identify training priorities, formulate policy, implement reforms, design industry-related strategies and partner on industry skill initiatives.

Terms of Reference


The ISC is made up of industry/employer/enterprise representatives, and membership comprises:

  • A representative from the Information Technology sector
  • A representative from the Engineering sector
  • A representative from the Agriculture and Environment sector
  • A representative from the Architecture and Building sector
  • A representative from the Health sector
  • A representative from the Education and Training sector
  • A representative from the Management and Commerce sector
  • A representative from the Society and Culture sector
  • A representative from the Creative Arts sector
  • A representative from the Food, Hospitality and Personal Development sector, and
  • A representative from the Natural and Physical Sciences sector.

The appointment of each member is for a period of two years, and a member can be re-appointed.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Identifying and prioritising industry skills and workforce development training needs
  • Establishing apprenticeship and traineeship pathways and their suitability as school-based arrangements
  • Advising on options to strengthen vocational pathways in schools
  • Assisting in the development, implementation and continuous improvement of national Training Packages
  • Providing advice and information to Registered Training Providers (RTPs) regarding registration processes, as well as the accreditation and review of courses
  • Developing training and career information resources
  • Providing professional support to RTPs, as well as to VQA
  • Providing professional advice on training and workforce development to industry and enterprises
  • Promoting the benefits and opportunities of vocational education and training to their industries.

Technical Expert Panel

The ISC establishes technical expert panels in different industry sub-sectors to give technical advice to the ISC.