Provincial Government Training Boards

The Vanuatu Qualifications Authority Act No. 1 of 2014 requires the VQA (formerly the Vanuatu National Training Council, or VNTC) to establish a Provincial Government Training Board (PGTB) for each Provincial Government Region. 

Each of these six Provincial Government Training Boards is required: 

  • to convene multi-sectoral conferences, meetings and other opportunites to discuss post-school education and training concerns, and to consider issues that relate to non-formal and formal employment
  • to provide sectoral advice to the local TVET centre to ensure training delivery is in line with the Provincial Government economic development demand
  • to participate in meetings and discussions with the VQA.


The diagram below represents a longer term vision for Provincial Government Training Boards and Provincial TVET Centres.


As indicated in the diagram, the PTBs would be closely aligned to the Board of the VQA and play an important role in collaborative policy formulation incorporating national and provincial perspectives. They would also have local oversight of the Provincial TVET Centres.


The Provincial TVET Centres would be linked to the operational arm of the Department of Youth Development, Sport and Training (DYDST) and be engaged in the implementation of VQA processes and procedures, including advocacy of the national training system, training provider registration, course accreditation, Employment and Training Fund (ETF) operations, business development services and information services.


Within this structure the Provincial TVET Centres would be overseen by their respective PTBs and staffed by a Centre Manager (CM) and an Administration Officer.


Under this development, a national fund with related support staff such as the ETF/BDS officer, TPPS Officer and I&M Officer would undertake national responsibilities. It is also envisaged that six Provincial Training Coordinators (PTC) could be funded by the ETF.




PTBs require broad provincial representation in order to facilitate a coordinated response to skills training that is focussed on national and provincial development plans. The emphasis needs to be on productive sectoral representation rather than training provider representation. See PTM Members for member specification.




The following tables detail the roles, responsibilities and resource requirements.


Provincial Government Training Boards



Provincial TVET Centres