Provincial Government Training Board Members


The Provincial Government Training Boards should comprise:


  • Four sectoral representatives from the key productive sector departments in the province (e.g., agriculture, fisheries, tourism, forestry, labour, cooperatives and ni-Vanuatu small business)
  • One representative of the Provincial Government
  • One representative from the Department of Youth Development, Sports and Training
  • One representative from the Department of Education
  • One representative from a public training provider
  • TVET Centre Manager who should be the PGTB’s Secretariat


  • One representative from a non-government registered training provider
  • Two representatives from the formal business sector
  • One NGO representative
  • One representative from women’s groups
  • One representative from youth groups


The Chairperson of the VQA should seek nominees from each of the representative agencies and approve their appointment to the PGTB.

PGTB Chairpersons should be elected by appointed PGTB members for a 2-year term.

PGTB Chairpersons may only be elected for a maximum of 2 consecutive terms.