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Today, the VQA staff members organised a farewell party for two volunteers from New Zealand who joined the VQA team in 2017.
The VQA has seen a lot of changes the past few years, in terms of its quality assurance system and its database, with two the help and advises of two volunteers from New Zealand. 

Elly Govers joined the VQA team in June 2017 as a Quality Assurance Advisor. She gave advises to the VQA Quality Assurance Unit on policies, procedures, and other related documents, organised and facilitated / co-facilitated a total of 40 workshops, wrote a total of 65 documents including policies and procedures for the quality assurance unit, and advised other staff members in the different units on their respective works.

Gerard van De ven joined the VQA team on April 2018 as a software development advisor. With the help of Ray, they organised a few workshops with the post-school education and training (PSET) providers around Port-Vila and in Santo. These workshops were mainly focused on the Vanuatu Qualifications Registry (VQR). It is the VQA website where all registered institutions record student enrollments in their accredited course and unit deliveries. The VQR is now improved and updated. Gerard also helped with the redesigning of the VQA website which now looks more professional and stakeholder-oriented. 

The Chief Executive Officer of the VQA expressed his gratitude on behalf of the VQA Board to the outgoing volunteers saying the knowledge and skills they shared with the VQA staff will benefit them in the long term. The procedures that Dr Elly developed are now the pillar of the quality assurance system of the VQA. "I am very happy with Dr Elly's work. The quality assurance system of the VQA is well set up. [...] I am very happy with new website.", said the CEO of the VQA, David Lambukly.

They will be both back in mid 2019 to continue on their assignments.