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On Tuesday 7th May 2019, Vanuatu Qualifications Authority (VQA) monitored the accredited courses' outcomes and delivery for Pacific Vocational Training Centre (PVTC). It is one of the steps required to do when conducting an external quality audit of courses provided by the registered provider.

This session starts with a desk audit on documents required by the VQA. The documents include the monitoring tools and evidence provided as required on the accredited courses that will be audited.
In this case, the PVTC is currently offering these two accredited courses: Certificate IV in Electrical Engineering (Installation and Maintenance) and Certificate IV in Mechanical Engineering (Refrigeration and Air Conditioning), thus these are the two courses that are to be monitored.
Two weeks prior to an external monitoring, the provider is required to conduct a self-assessment of its courses against the policies and guidelines for course accreditation.

Once the self-assessment done, the provider must summarise the findings of its internal monitoring in the Annual Internal Monitoring Report. This report is one of the key documents an external quality assurance panel will use when auditing or externally monitoring an accredited course.
Then the session continues with interviews with 4 learners to ensure the delivery is of quality, then the PVTC trainers to collect information on the delivery of each course:
- Mr Stephen, trainer for Cert IV in Electrical Engineering
- Mr Iliakimi Manua, trainer for Cert IV in Mechanical Engineering

Both trainers are Fiji nationals.

Finally the session ends with an interview with the PVTC manager, Mr Wade Evans, who is a professional in his trade from Fiji.
Mr Evans explains some of the learners are holders of Master’s Degree or Diploma. They want to upgrade their skills so they are taking evening classes.

Mr Wade also explains there was one disabled person who enrolled for one of their program but couldn't continue since the learner did not get the financial and material help he was promised from an organisation. He was assured to be provided bus fares for travelling home to school and vice versa, and also a pair of safety boots. PVTC is working on getting back the learner on track by contacting the organisation who is supposed to help the learner.

PVTC was established in 2016 and first held its graduation in November 2018 where 2 of its graduates were females.

VQA continues to make sure PSET providers are delivering quality courses and recognised qualifications through registration with VQA and accreditation of courses.