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Title: Certificate IV in Mechanical Engineering (Air Conditioning and Refrigeration)
Code: MERC40117
Level: 4
Accreditation date:  2nd November 2017
Accreditation Expiry: 2nd November 2022
Course Status: Under review 

Providers that have approval to deliver this course:

Course structure:

Code Title Level Credits
Core Industry Units
MEDE3717 Dismantle and assemble air conditioning and refrigeration equipment 3 6
MEIA5017 Install, service and repair domestic air conditioning and refrigeration appliances 4 6
MECC0517 Sketch and construct electrical circuits applicable to single-phase air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation installations 2 6
MELR3517 Demonstrate knowledge of legislation and codes of practice that apply to RAC, and mechanical building services 3 5
Specialised Units
MECR4617 Commission refrigeration systems 4 8
MEEC5117 Interpret the effect of operating conditions on components, safety and control devices 4 6
MEUC3317 Apply an understanding of various systems, system components, the actual and the theoretical refrigeration cycle 3 7
MECC0317 Demonstrate knowledge of capacity control systems as used in air-conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation systems 5 6
MESR4917 Demonstrate knowledge of the requirements needed to service a refrigeration system and set it in operation 4 8
MECR0117 Calculate the cooling requirements for cold and freezer rooms for short term and long term storage of consumables 5 6
MERF0912 Maintain, repair/replace and adjust refrigerant flow controls and associated equipment 3 4
MEFR3417 Demonstrate knowledge of flammable refrigerants used in refrigerant and air conditioning industries 3 2
MECH3617 Demonstrate knowledge of the components used in heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems 3 8
MEWR3817 Identify water reticulation systems, its components, accessories and controls used in air-conditioning and refrigeration installations 3 4
MEOC0417 Identify and set ON-OFF control devices as used in air conditioning and refrigeration systems 2 6
Elective Units
BFBO0112 Investigate micro-business opportunities 3 3
BFGI0212 Develop a micro business proposal 3 3
MEAF0217 Demonstrate knowledge of air filtration systems as used in air-conditioning and ventilation systems 5 6
EEAM0417 Demonstrate and apply knowledge of a.c. motors 4 4
MEAC4717 Demonstrate advanced knowledge of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems 4 10