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The Vanuatu Qualifications Registry, abbreviated as the VQR, is a website and database developed by the VQA, to record student learning in Vanuatu. All registered providers need to record all the learning their learners undertake when they are studying a unit of competency or other course component in an Accredited Course.

The system records:

  • The Learners who are enrolled in Courses and Units of Competency / Course Components
  • The Courses that the Learners are studying in
  • The Units of Competency / Course Components the Learners have enrolled in and their result 
  • The Providers who have approval to deliver accredited courses, so that they are able to enrol Learners in the Units of Competency / Course Components they are delivering
  • The Trainers who are teaching the units / components, so that they can fill in the learners' results
  • Whether a Learner has completed the Qualification they studied for; if so, the system is able to print their certificate.

While all this data is recorded for both the benefit of the Providers and the Learners, it also gives VQA the ability to generate reports on the number of learners that are undertaking Post School Education and Training, what courses they enrol in, and how well the learners and the providers are performing. This is useful information for VQA and the government of Vanuatu, to assist with planning and budgeting. The information can also be used to strengthen the capabilities of Providers, where difficulties exist.

To use the VQR, go to http://vqr.edu.vu.