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Learners will only be able to receive a VQA endorsed certificate of their qualification when this was achieved at a Registered Provider, having successfully completed an Accredited Course, for which the provider had Approval to Deliver.

Course accreditation is the process of assessment and official approval of a course plus its associated qualification, to indicate that the course meets particular requirements defined by the VQA. The Course Accreditation process ensures that the design and the rules and regulations of a course meet quality standards. An application for accreditation is judged against the Standards for course accreditation in the Vanuatu Quality Assurance Framework.

Providers must be registered before they can apply for course accreditation.

Having a course accredited does not mean that the provider can deliver the course. A provider can only deliver an accredited course if it has Approval to Deliver this course. Accreditation is applied for by a registered provider, but an accredited course can in principle be delivered by any provider, as long as this provider has the appropriate resources.

The application process for course accreditation consists of two steps:

To apply for accreditation of an overseas course, go to: Accreditation of Overseas Courses.

Once a course is accredited, the provider still needs to apply for Approval to Deliver the course, if they want to deliver the course as well. This is not part of the Course Accreditation process. For information on this process, see:

Also after a number of years, the Course Accreditation will expire and will need to be renewed. For more information, see: