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We are a dedicated team focusing on the learner's quality education.

"I am dedicated to making sure our staff members work in a transparent manner and in delivering our services in a timely manner!"
- David Lambukly, VQA, CEO

The Chief Executive Officer

David Lambukly 
Chief Executive Officer

Our Dedicated Team

Quality Assurance and Compliance Division

Keliza M Saute 
Principal Officer External Quality Assurance

Adlyn Wesly
Quality Assurance Officer, Provider Registration

Caroline Massing
Quality Assurance Officer, Senior Course Accreditation Officer

Mark Ali Saleloui
Quality Assurance Officer, Course Accreditation

Estelle Vutinadamu
Quality Assurance Officer, Senior Assessment Officer

Standards and Qualifications Division

Talitha G Tarileo 
Acting Principal Officer Competency Standards

Patricia Philip
National Qualifications Development Officer 

Talitha G Tarileo
Competency Standards Development Officer 
Sector: Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Livestock & Food Processing 

David Moldeng
Competency Standards Development Officer
Sector: Services, Business & Innovation

Julie Obed
Competency Standards Development Officer 
Sector: Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics

Honore Kaenbo
Competency Standards Development Officer
Sector: Health & Community Services

Office of the Chief Executive Officer

Françoise Nguyen
Human Resource Officer

Jessica Tracey Sese
Communication and Marketing Officer

Ray Vakessa
Information Technology Officer

Daniel Diamalouze

Corporate Services, Research, Planning and Monitoring Division

Vacant Position

Vacant Position
Filing clerk

Evelyne Fogliani Yona
Accounts Officer

Technical advisors

TA to Competency Standards Development unit

Software Development Advisor

TA to Quality Assurance & Compliance Division

TA to Skills & Qualifications Recognition