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Assessment is the process of collecting and evaluating evidence to establish the level of a learner's performance.

In PSET, assessment is used to measure a learner's performance against the learning outcomes that have been approved as part of an accredited course. Upon completion of their assessments for a component, a learner receives a grade that shows how well they have met the learning outcomes.

Two types of assessment are used. Competency-based assessment is used in courses that consist of units of competency. Achievement-based assessment is used in all other courses, mainly those at level 5 and above.

Details of and requirements for designing and conducting quality assessment can be found in the PSET Assessment Policy.

To help ensure the consistency of outcomes and the credibility of VQF qualifications, VQA has a quality assurance process for assessment in place. This process is called Assessment Moderation (Moderation in short).

There are two types of moderation:

  • Internal moderation is a process that is carried out internally by the registered PSET provider. Details of the process to follow can be found on the Internal Moderation page. 

    Providers must apply to have their learners' grades approved by VQA. Approval will only be given if the provider has followed the prescribed processes and can demonstrate evidence of a rigorous process of internal moderation. Further details are found on the Approval of Learner Grades page.

  • External moderation is a process that is carried out by one or more people independent of the registered PSET provider. For courses leading to national qualifications, this process is the responsibility of VQA. For courses leading to provider qualifications, it is the responsibility of the provider.

Details of the above can be found in the Assessment Moderation for PSET Policy and the PSET Assessment and Moderation Guidelines for Providers.