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Registration of Post-School Education and Training (PSET) providers is one of the quality assurance arrangements set out by the VQA to assure the quality of PSET in Vanuatu. In line with the VQA Act No.1 of 2014, the requirement to register applies to all providers of PSET services in Vanuatu.

Provider registration is an evaluation of the capability of that provider to offer and maintain a well-organised, sound and stable learning environment in all its sites and modes of delivery. Provider registration examines the organisation, confirms that it is established for educational purposes, has suitable management structures and systems in place, has the necessary financial resources, has established a Quality Management System (QMS), employs qualified staff, and has the equipment and materials to offer quality education and training courses in Vanuatu.

Initial registration process for Vanuatu Providers
The initial registration process applies to Vanuatu providers, who wish to register for the first time. Details of the registration process can be found in the PSET Provider Registration Procedures document. The process consists of two steps:
  1. Notice of Intent to Register
  2. Initial Registration

Registration process for Overseas Providers
Overseas providers wanting to deliver PSET courses in Vanuatu, whether in partnership with a Vanuatu PSET Provider, or by themselves, must apply for Provider Registration using the following process: Registration of Overseas Providers.

Amendment to scope of Registration
From time to time, a Registered Provider may want to change the scope of its registration, for example with regard to the types and levels of courses that it is allowed to offer, or the delivery sites or delivery modes it can use. In that case the provider must apply for an Amendment to Scope of Registration. You can find the process here: Amendment to Scope of Registration.

Cross-Border delivery by Registered Providers
Registered PSET providers wanting to enrol overseas learners, must first obtain Registration as a Provider for Overseas Learners. The process is found here: Registration as a Provider for Overseas Learners.

Registered Vanuatu providers wanting to establish themselves overseas, must apply for amendment to their scope of registration to include the overseas delivery site(s). The process is found here: Registration for Overseas Establishment.

Renewal of Registration
All registrations are for a fixed period and need to have been renewed when that period expires. To renew, the process is described in: Renewal of Registration.