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VQA is working closely with industry to ensure that units of competency and courses meet industry needs and contribute to the Vanuatu 2030 - the People's Plan.

VQA is always interested in employers or other business or community representatives to be involved in its work. The following list shows where VQA seeks industry participation in its activities.

If you are interested to be a part of the work of VQA in one of the roles below, please use our Contact Us form.

  • Course Development Steering Committee
    For the development of each new course and the review of existing courses a committee is established to advise the provider on the skills that learners need to acquire in the course. The committee consists of people with expertise in the relevant industry area as well as educational experts.

  • Quality Assurance Committee
    This committee makes decisions on applications for provider registration, course accreditation and approval to deliver. The committee consists of experts in education and in the relevant industry areas. Members will be trained by VQA before they can be part of this committee.

  • External Moderation Panel
    The external moderation panel assists in the quality assurance of assessments, to help ensure that providers assess learners in alignment with industry standards. The panel consists of trainers and industry representatives. Members will be trained by VQA before they can be part of an external moderation panel.

  • Audit Team Advisors
    In its auditing activities, VQA seeks support from relevant industry representatives to advise how well a provider is meeting industry standards in its education and training activities.

  • Industry Skills Council
    Refer to Industry Skills Councils for more information.

  • Request development of a course
    If your industry has identified a need for a course that does not yet exist or has not yet been accredited in Vanuatu, please contact VQA. VQA can liaise with a registered provider to put the development of a new course in motion.