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Provincial Government Training Boards have been established as the decentralised arm of the VQA to support the implementation of the national PSET Policy at the provincial level and to contribute to continuing policy development under the VQA by:

  1. Convening multi-sectoral conferences, meetings and other opportunities to discuss PSET issues and concerns;
  2. Participate in meetings and discussions with the VQA; and
  3. Provide sectoral advice to local TVET centres to ensure training delivery is in line with Provincial Government economic development priorities.

Under existing guidelines, PGTB membership is comprised of:

  • Provincial Agriculture Officer
  • Provincial Tourism Officer
  • Provincial Fisheries Officer
  • Provincial Cooperatives and ni-Vanuatu Small Business Officer
  • Provincial Planner representing the Provincial Government
  • Provincial Youth Development Sports and Training Officer
  • Provincial Education Officer
  • One representative from a public training provider nominated by the Vanuatu Association of TVET Institutes (VATVETI)
  • TVET Centre Manager as Executive Officer
  • One representative from a non-government registered training provider nominated by Vanuatu Association of TVET Institutes (VATVETI)
  • Two representatives from the formal business sector in the province nominated by VCCI
  • One NGO representative nominated by VANGO
  • One representative from Provincial Women's Council
  • One representative from Provincial Youth Council

The PGTB Chair is elected for a fixed term by the PGTB Membership.