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The Quality Assurance Committee is a Committee of the VQA Board which evaluates applications for registration, course accreditation and approval to deliver against the relevant VQAF standards and criteria and develops a recommendation for the outcome to the VQA Board or the CEO of the VQA, depending on the type of application.

The Committee is normally made up of six (6) members as follows:

  • One member of the VQA Board;
  • Two members who have expertise in Education and Training; and
  • Three members normally selected from the established Industry Skills Council or from professional bodies where appropriate. For course accreditation applications for courses at level 5 or above which have not been accredited overseas, one or two these members will be academic leaders with experience in leading and/or accrediting courses at this level and in the particular field. One of the academic leaders must be from an overseas institution of higher education.

On a case-by-case basis, the VQA may engage one or more additional external specialists to participate in the Quality Assurance Committee to ensure sufficient expertise across the Committee members to make a judgement on the application.

The Committee chairperson is elected amongst the Committee members.

A VQA Quality Assurance and Compliance Division staff member attends the Committee's meeting as secretary to the Committee and to provide advice and clarifications as required.