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The Vanuatu Qualifications Authority (VQA) is the national regulator of the post-school education and training (PSET) sector. The VQA regulates PSET courses and providers to ensure nationally approved quality standards are met.

The VQA is governed by a Board with a structure that is intended to reflect the Government's vision for a demand driven PSET system. Membership comprises representatives from key government agencies and representatives of the productive sector - both public and private. A network of Provincial Training Boards provides advice to the VQA Board and supports the development of VQA policy and planning.

The VQA is one of the key agents in the implementation of the national PSET Policy 2016-2020. The VQA is working in close collaboration with the Tertiary Education Directorate of the Ministry of Education and Training and with PSET providers to achieve the PSET Policy vision of: A sustainable, well-coordinated and inclusive PSET system that maximises access to relevant and quality assured qualifications that lead to improved economic, social and cultural development opportunities for all.

The specific role of the VQA within the PSET system is to:

  • Set and maintain the standards for provider registration and course accreditation;
  • Assure the quality of providers and accredited courses;
  • Engage industry in the development of courses and units of competency;
  • Develop and maintain of the Vanuatu Qualifications Framework (VQF);
  • Facilitate international recognition of qualifications;
  • Monitor and evaluate PSET performance; and,
  • Conduct research to support the above.

Further details can be found in the PSET Policy 2016-2020 and the VQA Act No.1 of 2014.

Under the direction of the VQA Board, the Chief Executive Officer provides leadership to the VQA Executive and has overall responsibility for three divisions:

  1. Corporate Services, Research, Planning and Monitoring,
  2. Quality Assurance and Compliance, and
  3. Standards and Qualifications.

For more information on the work of each division, read The VQA Organisational Structure. We also have some information on Our Vision, Mission and Principles and The VQA Team.