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By virtue of the Vanuatu Qualifications Authority (VQA) Act No.1 of 2014. Part 4, Section 26 (1) it is required that “a provider must apply to the Authority for registration for the purposes of this Act”, and Section 32 (1) states that “a person must not deliver post-school education and training unless he or she is registered as a provider under this Act”.

Any provider delivering post-school education will be in violation of the VQA act.

Any learner undertaking study with any of these providers will not gain a qualification that is endorsed by VQA or any organisation or business in Vanuatu.

We call for these providers to get registered with the Vanuatu Qualification Authority. For information on how to get registered go to Provider Registration Overview

The first list (table below) outlines all PSET providers who currently have not started any registration process.


Names of SHEFA non-registered providers   

 Contact Person      

Phone  & Mobile # 



1 Joy Bible College J. Gary Ellison
27401 Port Vila 
2 Pentecostal Bible College Peter & Robbie Gration Port Vila 
3 Vanuatu Institute of Public Administration and Management Ridley Magmui/
Grayleen Lapi
 678 33195| Ext 3101
Port Vila 
4 Belair Pilot Training Willie Ben Karie/
Frida Vira
Port Vila
5 Youth Challenge Vanuatu Noel Steven 27834/7750119 Port Vila
Names of MALAMPA non-registered providers
5 Morobean Rural Training Centre (RTC) John Morobean 5491120  Malekula
Names of SANMA non-registered providers
6 Church of Christ Bible College
Names of Overseas non-registered providers
7 Fiji National University +679 666 7533 / 666 2833 Fiji
8 Fulton Adventist University College Dr Glynn Galo +679 999 3118 Fiji
9 Pacific Paramedical Training Centre

Navin Karan

 +64 4 389 6294

 +64 210 520 449 
New Zealand
10 The University of Sydney Dr David Lester-Smith   +61 2 9933 8600 
+61 2 9933 8699

11  Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance  CEO, Micheal Barobe +675 9837156


This second list outlines all PSET providers who are not registered yet but who have started the registration process:

# Name of provider Notice of Intent to Register received  Notice of Intent to Register Approved
1 West Santo Environmental School (WSES)  
2 Vanuatu Air Charter LTD T/AS Air Taxi    
3 Neil Thomas Ministry Christian Institute of Education (NTMCIE)
4 Manuapen Vocational Training Centre    
5 Timotake Vocational Training Centre    
6 Behania Bible Institute    
7 Vaihudu Vocational Training Centre    
8 Aore  Adventist Academy    
9 Matevulu College    
10 Tafea College    
11 Gateway Institute    
12 Morebaian Training Centre    
13 Napil Agriculture Training Centre    
14 Hills College of Medicine (HCOM)    
15 World Trade University    
16 Marine Reach-Family Care Centre    
17 Jean Canis Baptiste Vocational Training Centre    
18 Ngafsany Vocational Training Centre