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VQA has created a set of resources for providers to assist them with their work, and to help them achieve high quality Post-School Education and Training.

The following sets of resources exists:
  • Policies and Procedures
    These documents support the formal aspects of achieving high quality PSET. There are documents regarding:
    • Provider Registration
    • Course Accreditation
    • Approval to Deliver an Accredited Course
    • Assessment and Moderation
    • Quality Audit

  • Guidelines and Handbooks
    These documents are aimed at helping providers with different aspects of their work. The following documents are available:
    • Handbook for the Development of Courses

  • General Documents
    These documents underpin the work of a PSET provider and of VQA. The following documents are available:
    • Vanuatu Quality Assurance Framework (VQAF)
    • Vanuatu Qualifications Framework (VQF)
    • VQF Credit Profile
    • VQA Act No 1 of 2014 (English)
    • VQA Act No 1 of 2014 (French)