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Title: Certificate II in Aquaculture (Tilapia Farming)
Code: AFTF20718
Level: 2
Accreditation date: 26th July 2018
Accreditation Expiry: 26th July 2023

Providers that have approval to deliver this course:

Course structure:

Code Title Level Credits
Core Generic Units
GSDC0712 Develop basic communication skills 2 2
GSUM0212 Use and maintain workplace tools and equipment 2 2
Core Industry Units
AFSE0413 Promote sustainable use of local marine and fresh water environments 2 2
AFFP0413 Fillet fish and prepare portions 1 2
Specialised Units
AFSE0213 Demonstrate safety equipment 3 1
AFFA0313 Demonstrate first aid box 3 2
AFCF1312 Plan and construct conventional fencing 3 2
AFEP0413 Oversee emergency procedures for on-land operations 3 1
AFMM0713 Oversee production and maintain algal or live-feed cultures 3 3
AFSP0113 Apply sampling procedures 3 1
AFSH0213 Coordinate stock handling activities 3 1
AFWE0313 Maintain water quality and environmental monitoring 3 1
AFHP0513 Oversee harvest and post-harvest activities 3 2
AFQF0813 Monitor the implementation of quality and food and safety programs 3 1
AFBS0113 Collect broodstock and seed stock 2 1
AFCD0213 Control diseases 2 1
AFCP0313 Control predators and pests 2 1
AFCE0613 Manipulate stock culture environment 2 2
AFAC0713 Produce algal or live-feed cultures 2 2
AFPH0813 Carry out on-farm post-harvest operations 2 3
AFHH0913 Harvest cultured or held stock 2 2
AFED0213 Erect and dismantle temporary fencing and gates 2 1
AFSC0813 Perform stock control procedures 2 1
AFDN0513 Prepare, pack and dispatch stock for live transport 2 2
AFDL0613 Prepare, pack and dispatch non-live product 2 2
AFOT0613 Oversee operations of high technology water treatment components 2 3
Elective Units
BFKR0211 File and keep records 1 3