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Title: Certificate IV in Electrical Engineering (Installation and Maintenance)
Code: EEIM40117
Level: 4
Accreditation date:  31st August 2017
Accreditation Expiry: 31st August 2022
Course Status: Under review 

Providers that have approval to deliver this course:

Course structure:

Code Title Level Credits
Core Industry Units
EEDD1017 Draw and interpret electrical diagrams 3 3
EEIL0517 Install, wire and test lights in existing installations 3 5
EEFD2217 Follow a control drawing and install,wire, and commission a control panel 4 3
EEAT1017 Demonstrate knowledge of alternating current (a.c) theory 4 7
Specialised Units
EEAC0811 Find and rectify faults in appliance motors and associated controls 3 4
EEKC0617 Demonstrate knowledge of electrical cables and accessories 3 7
EECA0217 Connect single and three phase electrical appliances and fittings 3 3
EEVE1117 Demonstrate knowledge of the Vanuatu electricity supply system 3 2
EECP0417 Demonstrate knowledge of circuit protection 3 3
EECT0817 Demonstrate knowledge of alternating current (a.c.) theory for electrical appliance servicing 4 5
EERO2417 Install, wire, test and fault find, and repair power outlets and electric lighting systems in new and existing installations 4 7
EEDP2017 Demonstrate and apply knowledge of electro-technology fault diagnosis procedures 4 5
EEEM0317 Demonstrate and apply knowledge of a.c electric motor control and installation 4 5
EEPT0717 Demonstrate knowledge of photovoltaic technology 4 10
EEKT2017 Demonstrate knowledge of three-phase theory 4 4
EEAM0417 Demonstrate and apply knowledge of a.c. motors 4 4
EEPR2717 Prepare electrical machines for rewinding 4 6
EEAC0117 Demonstrate advanced knowledge of alternating current and three phase  theory 5 10
EEAP0217 Demonstrate advanced knowledge of electrical circuit protection 5 3
EESP0317 Demonstrate knowledge of standby power plant 5 4
Elective Units
MECS1711 Determine the basic operating conditions of vapour compression systems 3 2
BFBO0112 Investigate micro-business opportunities 3 3
BFGI0212 Develop a micro-business proposal 3 3
MEAC1811 Determine the basic operating conditions of air conditioning systems 3 2
MEMP0317 Demonstrate knowledge of modern engineering plant maintenance practice 4 5
MEOS4817 Overhaul electrical systems in air condtioning and air handling equipment 4 3
EEMM0817 Schedule and manage preventative maintenance for industrial electrical equipment 5 6