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The Services Skills Council held their first meeting of this year 2019 on Tuesday 7th of May 2019, at the Ministry of Education and Training.

This meeting was organised by the Competency Standards officer of the VQA, David Moldeng, who is working on the sector of Business & Innovation, and Services.

The Services Industry Skills Council (ISC) is formed of 8 sub sectors and the sub sectors have a representative who is a professional in that sub sector. They are listed below:

  • Sports, represented by Trevor Toka, National Youth Council;
  • Event, represented by Katie Griffiths, Le Lagoon;
  • Hospitality, represented by Grant Johnson, At Your Service Catering;
  • Tourism, represented by Mike Crawford, Big Blue Scuba Diving;
  • Beauty & Spa, represented by Esline Felix, Ile Beauty;
  • Floristry, represented by Natacha Tranne, Island Flowers;
  • Hair dressing, represented by Mylene Tehei, Scalp Coiffure; and
  • Retail and wholesale, represented by Hervé Michel, Vanuatu Brewing Limited.

During the meeting, the Competency Standards Development officer explained the roles and functions of the Vanuatu Qualifications Authority, and also the roles of the members of the Industry Skills Council.

Only four representatives turned up for that meeting, so the Chairman of the council will be elected during the next meeting which is yet to be scheduled. The members present were Mr Johnson, Mr Michel, Mrs Tehei, and Mr Patrick Tranne.

The members said they were willing to be part of the Industry Skills Council and confirmed to assist the VQA in identifying skills demand in the sector they represent.

The VQA Act no.1 of 2014 part 2 section 15(1) states that the establishment of Industry Skills Councils is to advise the VQA on the workforce development and skills needs in the industry.