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Today, 52 VCNE students celebrated with tears and joy their successful achievement.
The Vanuatu College of Nursing Education was proud to celebrate, with families and friends, the achievement of 57 students.

Out of these 57 students, 32 students graduated with a Diploma of General Nursing and 15 students with a Graduate Diploma in Midwifery.

During the graduation ceremony, the Chairman of the VCNE Board Mr Viran TOVU, congratulated the graduates for hard work after 3 years of theory, practical and other activities done to complete their program.

"You have finally achieved what you have all dreamed of, despite many challenges you face." said the chairman. He also explains that many nurses are retiring, so there was a shortage of nurses. But now this graduation will help resolve this gap. He advises the new midwifes and nurses to encourage families and friends to pursue a career in nursing. He believes there will be an increase in the next intake which will be in July 2019.

The Principal of VCNE, Mrs Evelyne EMIL, said the graduates now have the knowledge and skills required to be an efficient nurse or midwife.
"When receiving a patient, or sick person, that sick person must first undergo a comprehensive nursing assessment, where the nurse must understand what is wrong with the person, what part of his/her body needs to get treated. Then the nurse has to interpret the information given by the sick person in order to take decision on prescription of medicine."

"In hospitals, the nurse will need to follow the doctor's prescription. But in community clinics, they are working on their own, so they are taking decisions themselves on prescriptions, or what to do to recover. They have those skills. They are ready to work in the field." said Mrs EMIL.

The guest speaker, Mr George TALEO, Director General of the Ministry of Health, surprises the graduates with an appointment letter from the Public Service Commission, in which the PSC  Chairman, Mr Martin Mahe, appoints each graduate to a twelve-month internship in a hospital or clinic. They will be assessed after a certain period.

So Vanuatu has 15 new midwifes, and 32 new nurses to be working around in Vanuatu hospitals and clinics.