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The External Quality Review of the Vanuatu Institute of Technology undertaken by VQA consists of an assessment of the management of VIT in ensuring the delivery of quality education

and training outcomes, quality teaching and learning delivery by trainers, facilities and other resources to ensure consistency with industry requirements.

It also consists of a desk assessment (assessment of report developed by VQA, and self-review report developed by VIT), and a site visit.

The desk assessment and the site visit are undertaken by a quality audit team which is made up of two international and two national review experts.

The assessment of delivery of accredited courses delivered by the VIT is done by the industry experts review team.

Today, VIT's courses in these sectors: (1) Automotive Engineering and (2) Arts & Crafts are being externally reviewed by industry experts: Mr Samson Toara (Asco Motors) and Mr Eric Natouvi.
Their role are to verify the currency and validity of tools and equipment used to deliver each course.