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The Tertiary Education Directorate (TED) in cooperation with the Vanuatu Qualification Authority (VQA) and the Policy and Planning Unit (PPU) of the Ministry of Education and Training, conducted a 5-days training on the new PSET Management Information System (PSET MIS) module of OPEN VEMIS, from Monday 2nd December 2019 to Friday 6th December 2019. The participants were trained on the PSET MIS that all the Post-School Education and Training (PSET) providers will start using by February 2020.

The PSET MIS records the courses each registered PSET provider is delivering, and the learners that are enrolled in those courses.
All the learners’ grades must be entered into the PSET MIS so that VQA can print their full qualifications or statements of attainment when they complete their programs.

The PSET MIS will replace the existing system – Vanuatu Qualifications Registry (VQR).
As there is a large number of PSET providers and trainers that will need to be trained, a group of people have been trained from 2 to 6 December on how to conduct the PSET MIS training.

This training of trainers was conducted by Ray Vakessa, VQA IT officer, and Gerard van De ven, a New Zealand volunteer, working for VQA.

The group of people that were trained are the Provincial Training Coordinators who are employed by the Tertiary Education Directorate (TED) of the Ministry of Education and Training, the Provincial OPEN VEMIS officers of the Ministry of Education and Training, and TED staff members including Scholarship unit staff.

In the 5 day workshop, the participants went over all the functionality of the module, so that they themselves next year will be able to train the providers, once they go back to their province.

In February next year, the first group of providers will be trained in the use of the PSET MIS.

This workshop was organised by Jerrol Arnhambat, Acting PEO TVET, and funded by Tertiary Education Directorate, Vanuatu Qualifications Authority and Vanuatu Skills Partnership.