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Port-Vila, Vanuatu: Vanuatu Qualifications Authority (VQA), in collaboration with the Tertiary Education Department (TED) and the Policy and Planning Unit of the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) conducted a training workshop from Monday 24 February to Friday 28 February 2020.

The workshop participants were trained on the use of Open VEMIS to record all their learners and their learners’ results.

VEMIS stands for Vanuatu Education Management Information System, and it is a software that allows the Director General of the MoET, all directors, provincial officers, principals, and school managers to use information based on evidence, and up-to-date data. “Open” refers to its live, transparent, and online access to all relevant stakeholders in Vanuatu.

In Vanuatu, the Open VEMIS system has been used since 2015 to record all students for Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE), Primary, and Secondary Education. It records a large number of details of each students and their learning.

Many parents and students will be aware of the Open VEMIS database systems.

However, now for the first time, learners for the Post (or Secondary) School Education and Training (PSET) can also be recorded in Open VEMIS.

On 21 February 2020, the Post School Education and Training (PSET) Management Information System (MIS) was launched as part of Open VEMIS.

In this system, all learning can be recorded not only for PSET schools such as Vanuatu College of Nursing Education (VCNE) and Vanuatu Agriculture College (VAC), but also for all the smaller Rural Training Centres, and their courses.

This will greatly assist the schools in managing their training data, and will also be a source of information for the MoET.

The PSET MIS is being constructed by the Vanuatu Qualifications Authority (VQA), together with the IT department of the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET).

The project is supported by Gerard van de Ven, a New Zealand volunteer with over 30 years of software development experience.

To be able to use the system, a group of 11 registered training providers were trained this week. The training was performed by the provincial Open VEMIS officers and Provincial Training Coordinators of the MoET. Follow-up workshops will be delivered in the provinces over the next months.

This is a milestone in the Post School Education and Training (PSET) in Vanuatu, where now for the first time, there is a way to collect complete, accurate, and up-to-date information about all the PSET learning taking place in Vanuatu.

It will also enable to follow a learner from ECCE to PSET in one single system.

Providers who have participated in that workshop are principals from the Office of the Registrar of Cooperatives and Business Development Services (ORCBDS), Onesua Presbyterian Technical College (OPTC), Saint Michel Technical College, Torgil Provincial Institute of Vocation Training, Vanuatu Agriculture College (VAC), Vanuatu College of Nursing Education (VCNE), Vanuatu Institute of Teacher Education (VITE), Vanuatu Institute of Technology (VIT), Vanuatu Police Training College (VPTC), and Lume Memorial Rural Training Centre.

The VQA Chief Executive Officer, David Lambukly would like to encourage all learners to seek VQA’s advice if you wish to enroll in accredited courses being delivered in Vanuatu.

Vanuatu Qualifications Authority is the national regulator the post school education and training system. VQA regulates PSET courses and PSET providers.