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Title: Certificate II in Plumbing (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene)
Code: PCSH20117
Level: 2
Accreditation date: 11th May 2017
Accreditation Expiry: 11th May 2022
Course Status: Under review 
Extension of accreditation period: January - December 2023

Providers that have approval to deliver this course:

Course structure:

Code Title Level Credits
Core Generic Units
GSWO0512 Work effectively with others 1 2
GSUC0212 Develop knowledge on basic mathematics using calculators 1 2
GSHS0512 Apply principles of occupational health and safety in the work environment 2 2
Core Industry Units
PCPT0611 Use plumbing hand and power tools 2 2
PCRP0511 Read plans and calculate plumbing quantities 2 3
PCPS1217 Plan, prepare and record a basic stocktake 2 2
PCCA0217 Conduct community awareness programs on WASH 3 4
PCMT1017 Maintain tools and equipment 2 2
PCOP1117 Observe procedures, specifications and manuals of instruction 2 2
Specialised Units
PCMS0111 Install water mains pipe systems 2 2
PCKW0817 Develop knowledge on water pumps installation and maintenance 2 2
PCDS0311 Install below ground sanitary drainage systems 2 2
PCRD0911 Plan the layout for a basic residential sanitary drainage system 2 3
PCMW0217 Monitor community water systems 4 5
PCUN0117 Demonstrate knowledge of water users and water users' needs 3 3
PCSP0117 Demonstrate knowledge of an integrated approach to water and sanitation related processes 4 5
PCPJ0517 Make piping joints and connections 2 2
PCCW0117 Perform minor construction work 2 2
PCPR0317 Perform plumbing repair and maintenance 2 2
PCPL0417 Prepare plumbing layout 2 2