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Title: Certificate I in Electro-technology
Code: EEET10219
Level: 1
Accreditation date: 20th February 2019
Accreditation Expiry: 20th February 2024

Providers that have approval to deliver this course:

Course structure:

Code Title Level Credits
Core Generic Units
GSBC0112 Apply basic communication skills  1 2
GSWI0412 Communicate and interact effectively in the workplace  1 2
GGSW0418 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices  1 2
Core Industry Units
EECA0511 Use basic computer applications relevant to a workplace  1 4
EESW1017 Apply safe working practices  1 1
EEEW0311 Identify and select materials for electro technology environment  1 2
EERW0411 Carry out routine work activities in an electro technology environment  1 3
Specialized Units
EEMC0111 Apply methods to maintain currency of industry developments  1 5
EEIM0211 Install and set up interval metering  1 3
EEAT0511 Apply technologies and concepts to electro technology work activities  1 3
EEEM0611 Identify effects of energy on machinery and materials in an Electro technology environment  1 2
EEBT0711 Identify building techniques, methods and materials used in Electro technology work activities  1 3
EEDC0411 Solve problems in d.c circuits  2 5
EEFE0511 Fix and secure electro technology equipment  2 4
EELW2416 Lay wiring/cabling and terminate accessories for extra low voltage (ELV) circuits  4 3
EEPA0811 Solve basic problems in photovoltaic energy apparatus  2 4