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To all interested business houses and registered Post-School Education and Training providers (Re-advertised)

Vanuatu Qualifications Authority has established and launched the Skills and Qualifications Recognition Services.

VQA will soon start implementing the recognition services with the assistance of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Assessment Centers. Interested registered PSET providers and business houses who apply to become RPL Assessment Centers will have the opportunity to participate on a RPL Capacity Building Workshop in March 2023.

Therefore, VQA is inviting all interested Business Houses and registered Post-School Education and Training (PSET) providers in Vanuatu to apply to become a RPL (Q) Assessment Centre.

A RPL Assessment Centre will be responsible for:
1)     Implementing the policy, procedure, and guidelines of RPL (Q) established by the VQA
2)     To recruit assessors and moderators as per VQA requirements
3)     To ensure RPL (Q) assessments delivery is in compliance with their agreed quality system
4)     Provide resources for effective management of RPL (Q) which include but is not limited to:
a.     Establish a RPL (Q) management committee
b.     Appoint a RPL (Q) coordinator
c.      Provide necessary facilities, equipment and other resources to facilitate implementation of RPL (Q)
d.     Manage RPL (Q) learners’ record.

Assessment centers will benefit from RPL by
a)     Widening access to a broader range of skilled (employed or unemployed) individuals;
b)     Supporting individuals in their career pathway;
c)     Supporting partnerships with employers from public and private sector;
d)     Providing more alternatives and flexibles entry routes to labour market; and
e)     Supporting career development planning and employability skills.

If you are interested in turning the experiences of a Ni – Vanuatu into a recognized qualification, call VQA on 33515 and apply now!

The first 10 applicants will only pay 50% of the fees!

How to apply

To express your interest, interested business houses or registered PSET providers must submit:
·        A letter outlining
o   Your institution’s interest to become a RPL (Q) Assessment Centre
o   Number of people who will be involved in this project.
·        Attached to the above letter:
o   A copy of your business licence
o   A copy of Certificate of Business name the VFSC
·        A copy of CV with contact details of three references; addressed to:

Chief Executive Officer
Vanuatu Qualifications Authority
Application for Assessment Centre
P. O. Box 153

Or send your application to this email address: vqaskillsrecognition@gmail.com

More details can be sought from the VQA office reception or from

·        Skills and Qualifications Recognition Officer at vqaskillsrecognition@gmail.com

Vanuatu Qualification Authority is an equal opportunity employer who encourages applications from people of all abilities, age, religion, genders in line with the Government of Vanuatu’s employment Act.

Those who have already applied and submitted their applications through the VQA government email address, may re-send their application through the above-mentioned email address.

Closing date for applications Tuesday 7 March 2023.

Become an RPL Assessment Centre today and help convert individuals’ knowledge and skills into a recognized qualification!