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Internal moderation is a process of checking the quality of assessment of a particular component to ensure that the assessment principles are met. Internal moderation is carried out internally by the registered PSET provider.

Providers will only have their learners' grades approved by VQA if they follow the prescribed processes and can demonstrate evidence of a rigorous process of internal moderation.

Internal moderation consists of two steps.

Step 1: Internal pre-moderation

This is the moderation of assessment tasks, processes and materials before they are being used. Internal moderation must have been completed before the first assessment for a component is given to the learner.

Step 2: Internal post-moderation

This is the moderation of a learner's completed work which has already been assessed and marked, which verifies the consistency of the assessment decision. It also includes moderation of the assessment process, to ensure that assessment has been conducted in accordance with the assessment principles.