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Internal Monitoring is the process through which a provider identifies its own strengths, risks, areas for improvement and progress in providing quality education and training. The process is built on the key audit principle that the provider is responsible for its own quality.

Annually, no later than 31 March, the provider must summarise its internal monitoring findings in the Annual Internal Monitoring Report. Submission of this report is a requirement stated in the VQA Act No.1 of 2014.

External Annual Monitoring is for VQA to verify the ongoing quality of the provider's education and training services on the basis of the Registered Provider's Annual Internal Monitoring Report.

Providers must read the documents listed below in detail before they engage in Internal Monitoring.

Relevant documents are found in the Internal and External Annual Monitoring documents section.

PSET Quality Audit Policy The overarching policy for all Quality Audit activities
Quality Audit Guidelines - Registered Providers The guidelines for all internal Quality Audit activities
Template for Annual Internal Monitoring Report The template that the provider must use to report on its internal monitoring activities
Guide for Completing the Annual Internal Monitoring Report The guide to assist the provider with writing its report.