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After a provider has gained approval for its Intention to Accredit, it can start with the development of the course and the application for course accreditation.

The purpose of the Course Accreditation process is to develop the details of the course, and to ensure that the developed course meets the standards of the Vanuatu Quality Assurance Framework (VQAF).

Guidance on the development of courses to help ensure that the VQAF standards are met is found in Handbook for the development of courses with supporting documents in course development documents.

For the details of the Course Accreditation process, see the relevant documentation as listed here. There are several different scenarios, so read the documentation carefully to know what you need to do. In case you have any doubts, contact VQA.

A provider who wants to apply for accreditation of an overseas course is referred to Accreditation Overseas Courses.