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During a Self-Review the Registered Provider must evaluate its outcomes and processes across all its operations, over its entire period of current registration. The Self-Review is conducted in preparation for the External Review. This process is built on the key audit principle that the provider is responsible for its own quality.

The Self-Review is normally conducted between 18 and 12 months before the expiry of the provider's registration. It is a large-size project that should not be underestimated and must be carefully planned and executed. The Self-Review must be completed and its findings reported to the VQA before the VQA will conduct the External Review.

During the External Review, the VQA will identify the quality of the provider's outcomes and processes, based on the Self-Review Report and an independent investigation which includes an extensive site visit. As a result of an External Review, a provider will be assigned a Quality Assurance Status (Refer to the Quality Audit Policy for further details).

Providers must read the documents listed below in detail before they begin their Self-Review.

Relevant documents are found in the Self-Review and External Review documents section.

PSET Quality Audit Policy The overarching policy for all Quality Audit activities
Quality Audit Guidelines - Registered Providers The guidelines for all internal Quality Audit activities
Template for Self-Review Report The template that the provider must use to report on its Self-Review activities
Guide for Completing the Self-Review Report The guide to assist the provider with writing its report.