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The PSET providers listed below have submitted all the documents related to the process of Notice of Intent to Register:

  1. West Santo Environmental School (WSES)
  2. Vanuatu Air Charter LTD T/AS Air Taxi
  3. Neil Thomas Ministry Christian Institute of Education (NTMCIE)
  4. Manuapen Vocational Training Centre
  5. Timotake Vocational Training Centre
  6. Behania Bible Institute
  7. Vaihudu Vocational Training Centre
  8. Aore  Adventist Academy
  9. Matevulu College
  10. Tafea College
  11. Gateway Institute
  12. Morebaian Training Centre
  13. Napil Agriculture Training Centre
  14. Hills College of Medicine (HCOM)
  15. World Trade University
  16. Marine Reach-Family Care Centre
  17. Jean Canis Baptiste Vocational Training Centre
  18. Ngafsany Vocational Training Centre
Last updated: Wednesday 03 June 2020